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“Heaven” or “Heavens” in Genesis 1:1?

"Firmament" or "Expanse" in Genesis 1:6 et al.?

“Replenish” or “Fill” in Genesis 1:28?

"LORD" or "Jehovah/YHWH" in Genesis 2:4 et al.?

"It shall bruise thy head" or "He shall bruise thy head" in Genesis 3:15?

“Cherubims” or “Cherubim” in Genesis 3:24 et al.?

Are Cain's words missing at Genesis 4:8? 

“Giants” or “Nephilim” in Genesis 6:4? 

“Gave up the ghost” or “Expired” in Genesis 25:8 et al.? 

Was Jacob "Plain" or "Perfect" in Genesis 25:27?

"A troop cometh" or "Good fortune has come" in Genesis 30:11?

"Mules" or "Hot springs" in Genesis 36:24?

"Digged down a wall" or "hamstrung oxen" at Genesis 49:6?


What exactly is happening in the passage about the circumcision of Moses' son in Exodus 4:24-26?

“Jehovah” or “Yahweh” in Exodus 6:3 et al.? 

"Palestina/Palestine" or "Philistia" in Exodus 15:14?

“Kill” or “Murder” in Exodus 20:13? 

"The gods" or "God" in Exodus 22:28?

"Badgers' skin" or another type of leather in Exodus 25:5 et al.?

What is the gender of the "candlestick (Menorah)" in Exodus 25:31 et al.?


Does the Masoretic text erroneously repeat a line in Leviticus 20:10?


“Unicorn” or “Wild oxen” in Numbers 23:22 et al.? 


“Anakims” or “Anakim” in Deuteronomy 1:28 et al.? 

“Grove” or “Asherah” in Deuteronomy 16:21 et al.?

"Sodomite" or "Cult prostitute" in Deuteronomy 23:17 et al.?

"Sons of Israel" or "Sons of God" in Deuteronomy 32:8?


“Strength” or “Heap” in Joshua 11:13?

Does the Masoretic Text underlying the KJV omit Joshua 21:36-37?

1 Samuel

Did God slay "50,070" or "70" men in 1 Samuel 6:19?

“God save the king" or “May the king live” in 1 Samuel 10:24, et al.? 

“One year” or “[missing number]” in 1 Samuel 13:1? (How old was Saul when he began to reign?)

2 Samuel

700, 7,000 or 1,700 horsemen in 2 Samuel 8:4? 

"700" or "7000" of the Syrians in 2 Samuel 10:18 and 1 Chronicles 19:18?

"Forty years" or "Four years" in 2 Samuel 15:7?

“Brother of Goliath” or “Goliath” in 2 Samuel 21:19?

“Seven years” or “Three years” in 2 Samuel 24:13?

1 Kings

Did Solomon have “40,000” or “4,000” stalls in 1 Kings 4:26?

Were Solomon's pillars "18 cubits high" or "35 cubits high" in 1 Kings 7:15 and 2 Chronicles 3:15?

"2000" or "3000" baths in 1 Kings 7:26 and 2 Chronicles 4:5?

"420" or "450" talents of gold in 1 Kings 9:28 and 2 Chronicles 8:18?

“Linen yarn” or “Kue” in 1 Kings 10:28 & 2 Chronicles 1:16?

“Ashes upon his face” or “Bandages over his eyes” in 1 Kings 20:38?

2 Kings

“Children” or “Men” in 2 Kings 2:23?

How many years did Jotham reign according to 2 Kings 15:30 and 2 Kings 15:33?

"College" or "Second quarter" in 2 Kings 22:14 et al.?

“Against the king of Assyria” or “Up to the king of Assyria” in 2 Kings 23:29?

1 Chronicles

Were Pul and Tilgathpilneser different Assyrian kings in 1 Chronicles 5:26?

“Nethinims” or “Nethinim” in 1 Chronicles 9:2 et al.?

2 Chronicles

“Forty and two years old” or “Twenty-two years old” in 2 Chronicles 22:2?

“Eight years old” or “Eighteen years old” in 2 Chronicles 36:9?


Does the Masoretic Text underlying the KJV omit Nehemiah 7:68?

Did a copyist omit the descendant of Miamin/Miniamin in Nehemiah 12:17?


"Mazzaroth" or "Constellations" in Job 38:32?


"Kiss the Son" or "Do homage in purity" in Psalm 2:12?

“Angels” or “God” in Psalm 8:5? 

"Hell" or "Sheol/Grave" in Psalm 9:17?

Is Psalm 12:7 a promise that God would preserve his words?

"My goodness extendeth not to thee" or "I have no good apart from you" in Psalm 16:2?

“Hell” or “Sheol” in Psalm 16:10?

"They pierced my hands and my feet" or "Like a lion my hands and my feet" in Psalm 22:16?

Did Shakespeare influence the KJV in Psalm 46?

“Sore” or “Hand” in Psalm 77:2?

“Dragon” or “Serpent” in Psalm 91:13 et al.?

Should “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help” be rendered as a question in Psalm 121:1?

Is the KJV missing a line in Psalm 145:13?


"Show himself friendly" or "Come to ruin" in Proverbs 18:24?

"Spider" or "Lizard" in Proverbs 30:28?


“Musical instruments” or “Concubines” in Ecclesiastes 2:8?

“World” or “Eternity” or “Ignorance” in Ecclesiastes 3:11?

Song of Solomon

Why doesn't the KJV indicate the speakers in Song of Solomon?

“Awake my love, until he please” or “Awake love, until it pleases” in Song of Solomon 2:7, 3:5, 8:4?

"Turtle" or "Turtledove" in Song of Solomon 2:12 et al.?


“Seraphims” or “Seraphim” in Isaiah 6:2 et al.?

“Virgin” or “Young woman” in Isaiah 7:14?

"Not increased the joy" or "Increased the joy" in Isaiah 9:3?

“Cockatrice” or “Adder” in Isaiah 11:8 et al.?

“Joined” or “Captured” in Isaiah 13:15?

“Satyrs” or “Goats” in Isaiah 13:21 et al.?

“Lucifer” or “Day Star” in Isaiah 14:12?

"Sluices and ponds for fish" or "who work for pay will be grieved" in Isaiah 19:10?

Is the creature in Isaiah 34:14 a "screech owl"? 

“Evil” or “Calamity” in Isaiah 45:7 et al.?

“Sinim” or “Syrene/Aswan” in Isaiah 49:12?

“Troop/number” or “Fortune (Gad)/Destiny (Meni)” in Isaiah 65:11?


"Jehoiakim" or "Zedekiah" in Jeremiah 27:1?


“Chief prince” or “Prince of Rosh” in Ezekiel 38:2?

“Young lions” or “villages/leaders” in Ezekiel 38:13?


“Sackbut” or a stringed instrument in Daniel 3:5 et al.?

"Son of God" or "Son of the gods" in Daniel 3:25?

“The desire of women” or “The one desired by women” in Daniel 11:37?

Upper case "God" or lower case "god" in Daniel 11:37-38?


“Curse” or “Destruction” in Malachi 4:6?


“Hell” or “Gehenna” in Matthew 5:22 et al.?

“Farthing” or “Penny/Cent” in Matthew 5:26 et al.?

Is the Doxology of the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6:13 a late addition?

“Devil” or “Demon” in Matthew 9:33 et al.?

“Hell” or “Hades” in Matthew 11:23 et al.?

“World” or “Age” in Matthew 12:32 et al.?

"Oath'" or "Oaths" in Matthew 14:9 et al.?

“Strain at” or “Strain out” in Matthew 23:24?

"Eagles" or "Vultures" in Matthew 24:28 and Luke 17:37?

Did Jeremiah speak the prophecy at Matthew 27:9-10?

“Cast the same in his teeth” or “Reviled him in the same way” in Matthew 27:44?

“Is risen” or “Has risen” in Matthew 28:6 et al.?


“The prophets” or “Isaiah the prophet” in Mark 1:2?

Was now full” or “Was now filling” in Mark 4:37?

"Virtue" or "Power" in Mark 5:30 et al.?

“Observed” or “Kept safe” in Mark 6:20?

“Pineth away” or “Stiffens out” in Mark 9:18?

"Gave up the ghost" or "Expired" in Mark 15:37?

Should the Longer Ending of Mark (Mark 16:9-20) be in the Bible?


“Having had perfect understanding” or “Having followed all things closely” in Luke 1:3?

Should Cainan be in the genealogy in Luke 3:36?

"Book" or "Scroll" in Luke 4:20 et al.?

“Supper being ended” or “During supper” in John 13:2?

"Mansions" or "Rooms" in John 14:2?

“Touch me not” or “Stop clinging to me” in John 20:17?

"Love" or "Agape love" in John 21:15 et al.?


“Bishopric” or “Office” in Acts 1:20?

“Slew and hanged” or “Slew by hanging” in Acts 5:30?

"Exceeding fair" or "Beautiful in God's sight" in Acts 7:20?

“Jesus” or “Joshua” in Acts 7:45 & Hebrews 4:8?

Should the Bible include Acts 8:37: "And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God."?

“It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks. And he trembling and astonished said, Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? And the Lord said unto him,” in Acts 9:5-6?

“Easter” or “Passover” in Acts 12:4?

“And after that he gave unto them judges about the space of four hundred and fifty years, until Samuel the prophet” in Acts 13:20?

“Superstitious” or “Religious” in Acts 17:22?

“Since ye believed” or “When ye believed” in Acts 19:2?

“Diana” or “Artemis” in Acts 19:24 et al.?

“Churches” or “Temples” in Acts 19:37?

“Heard” or “Understood” in Acts 22:9?


“Obedience to the faith” or “Obedience of faith” in Romans 1:5?

“God forbid” or “May it not be” in Romans 3:4, et al.? 

“Are dead” or “Died” in Romans 6:2 et al.?

“Are buried” or “Were buried” in Romans 6:4?

“Is crucified” or “Was crucified” in Romans 6:6?

“Servants” or “Slaves” in Romans 6:17 et al.?

"αποθανοντος" or "αποθανοντες" in Romans 7:6?

“Itself” or “Himself” in Romans 8:16 et al.?

“Office or “Ministry” in Romans 11:13 et al.?

“Office” or “Function” in Romans 12:4?

“Ruleth” or “Leads” in Romans 12:8 et al.?

"Servant" or "Deacon" in Romans 16:1?

Was Junia an apostle according to Romans 16:7?

1 Corinthians

“Perish” or “Are perishing” in 1 Corinthians 1:18 & 2 Thessalonians 2:10?

“Are saved” or “Are being saved” in 1 Corinthians 1:18 et al.?

“By myself” or “Against myself” in 1 Corinthians 4:4?

“Charity” or “Love” in 1 Corinthians 8:1 et al.?

"Keep under my body" or "Beat my body" in 1 Corinthians 9:27?

“Broken” or “Given” in 1 Corinthians 11:24?

2 Corinthians

“Corrupt” or “Peddle” in 2 Corinthians 2:17?

“Are lost” or “Are perishing” in 2 Corinthians 4:3?


"Temperance" or "Self-control" in Galatians 5:23 et al.?


“Are saved” or “Have been saved” in Ephesians 2:8?


“Bishop” or “Overseers” in Philippians 1:1 et al.?

"Thought it not robbery to be equal with God" or "Did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped" in Philippians 2:6?

"Made himself of no reputation" or "Emptied himself" in Philippians 2:7? 

1 Thessalonians

“Delivered us” or “Delivers us” in 1 Thessalonians 1:10?

2 Thessalonians

“A falling away” or “The rebellion” in 2 Thessalonians 2:3?

1 Timothy

“Office of a bishop” or “Overseership” in 1 Timothy 3:1 et al.?

“Use the office of a deacon” or “Serve as deacons” 1 Timothy 3:10 et al.?

“The root of all evil” or “A root of all kinds of evil” in 1 Timothy 6:10?

2 Timothy

“Study” or “Be diligent” in 2 Timothy 2:15?

"Rightly dividing" or "Rightly handling" in 2 Timothy 2:15?


“God and our Saviour” or “Our… God and Saviour” in Titus 2:13, 2 Peter 1:1 & Jude 1:4?


“Communication” or “Sharing” in Philemon 1:6 & Hebrews 13:16?


"He took not on him the nature of angels; but he took on him the seed of Abraham" or "He does not give help to angels, but He gives help to the descendant of Abraham" in Hebrews 2:16?

“Errors” or “Sins committed in ignorance” in Hebrews 9:7?

“Faith” or “Hope” in Hebrews 10:23?

“Them that have the rule over you” or “Leaders” in Hebrews 13:7 et al.?


“For in many things we offend all” or “For we all stumble in many ways” in James 3:2?

1 Peter

Does the KJV promote a blanket prohibition on women's "outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel" in 1 Peter 3:3?

1 John