Book of Revelation in the Textus Receptus

Minority Readings in the Book of Revelation The Textus Receptus departs from both the Nestle-Aland Text and the Byzantine Majority Text considerably in the Book of Revelation. In these instances the Textus Receptus often follows Erasmus’ Reuchlin manuscript (2814). At times Erasmus departed from 2814 and followed the Vulgate (vg), other Andreas texts (MA), Church … Read more

Are There Important Differences Between the Textus Receptus and the Nestle Aland/United Bible Society Text?

The KJV is a translation of an edition of the Greek New Testament text called the Textus Receptus. Most modern translations are based on an edition of the Nestle-Aland/United Bible Society (NA/UBS) text. The differences between the two texts are many and important. Textus Receptus readings generally provide stronger doctrine. The following list shows some … Read more