Hensuki Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Renewed Or Cancelled

Hensuki is a 2019 Ecchi anime. It’s love, comedy, and harem anime based on the same-named manga. The first season included 12 episodes, and fans are expecting the second. The most recent episode aired in 2019, making it three years since any announcement.

The basis of most of Ecchi’s stories remains the same. Hensuki is not like that. It has elements of a traditional Ecchi, but it is also unique. Hensuki takes a convoluted approach to its plot. For harem anime, the protagonist has always followed the same storyline. Some will be naïve or oblivious to all the wrongs that occur in their lives, while others will take a complete turn and oppose the circumstance. However, in this story, our main character is ordinary, and he possesses both traits that are somewhere in the middle. This attribute makes the character relatable. He is clueless about what is happening to him, but he also takes it upon himself to find out the truth.

The plot continues along while each character gets a beautiful character development. In some ways, the show could deliver a lot of punches while still appealing to the crowd. It is a fun series to watch.

Will There Be A Second Season?

Geek Toys is the studio behind the anime, and since the completion of the first season, there has been no word on when we will have the new episodes. However, even though it has been three years, the studio has remained silent. It is uncommon for a new season of an anime to take years to arrive.

According to statistics, most anime gets renewed in under five years; if it has gone longer than that, prospects of renewal are slim. As a result, fans have reason to be optimistic. The audience loved the notion of a young boy being harassed by his female peers without even realizing what is going on. It had grown in popularity and received positive feedback. Fans liked the innocence of Keiki and also his clumsiness.

Most internet reviews were positive, therefore a second season is warranted. But that is not always the case. It was insufficient, as the studio would have announced its renewal if it had been. If the producers want to renew the show, the most vital factor to consider is the revenue it made. The show must make a profit for the production to be approved for the next season. Hensuki is not like that. Its popularity has dwindled, and the producers are hesitant to pursue it further. This news is not best for the fans, but numbers are what the studio wants.

The show is based on the manga Hensuki.

There are eight parts to this manga, the most recent was in 2019. After the first season ended, the writers issued the latest volume. If the creators decide to do a second season, they’ll have plenty of material to work with.

If you want to watch this anime, you have to search for it on the anime websites. At present, it is not available on any streaming platform. But, there are several authentic sites where you can enjoy Hensuki.

The Plotline

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Keiki Kiryu, a little boy, is the protagonist of the anime. He’s never had a girlfriend and has never dated a woman in his life. He works in his school library and is self-conscious about being unmarried. But something changed for him one day; he discovered a love lever written for him, much to his surprise. The letter convinced him that he had discovered his Cinderella. Keiki accepted this strange female as his girlfriend wholeheartedly, but he did not know who she was.

As a result, his search for this girl begins. From here, the story begins. He tries everything he can to figure out who the girl is. He takes a more daring approach, even spying on his clubmates. Instead of discovering his Cinderella, he gets to witness some of his classmates’ deviant characteristics.

The Cast And Characters

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The makers only released the anime in Japanese, so there is no English dub. However, an English-speaking audience can watch it with subtitles. The voice of the protagonist Keiki Kiryuu is given by Hiro Shimono. Keiki is desperate to fall in love and wants to have a girlfriend. Hiro aptly portrayed his desires.

There is another character, Mizuha Kiryuu, the younger sibling of Keiki. She is constantly vying for her older brother’s attention. Mizuha is a lovely young lady with blue eyes and long hair. She even flirts with him, and it was hinted in the anime that she might be the one who wrote the letter at one point. Kaede Hondo gave her voice to this character.

Yurika is Keiki’s friend. She and Keiki are both employed at the same library. She started as a shy character who didn’t open up easily when we were introduced to her. Her bond with Keiki, however, has transformed her, and she has opened up. A very talented and well-known voice artist, Rina Hidaka, is her voice.

Mao Nanjo is a good buddy of Keiki’s. She is frequently spotted with a variety of people. Mao is drawn to homosexuality in the series, and she draws manga herself. She is a fascinating individual. Mao encouraged Keiki to enter an actual homosexual relationship so that she could better explain her point.

Final Words

Ecchi humor is something that many people appreciate; Hensuki is an example of this. It makes things that appeal to a wide range of tastes. In addition, this series established settings and circumstances that we do not see in the Western media. The creators used animation to bring comedy to the target population of high school students.

This anime is recommended for audiences who want a mix of comedy with perverse content as the major attraction, and a mix of genuine romance with sincere aspirations.

And now its fans are excitedly awaiting the start of a new season; let’s see what happens; there is hope!