Rosario Vampire Season 3: Release Date Confirmed Or Not

The vampire theme is one that everyone enjoys, especially if it is an anime. The popularity of anime is not unknown, it is one of the most-watched genres. There are a lot of vampire animes out there, but only a few stand out, and Rosario vampire is one of them. When it was released, it gained immense popularity.

This world of vampires transports us to a fantastical realm. Tsukune Aono is the protagonist who is not interested in studying and is an ordinary student. As a result, his parents had him admitted to Youkai Academy, a weird institution. The plot revolves around the monsters who disguise themselves as humans and hide their true identities. They hide under a human mask, yet they are vampires who crave human blood. The series follows Tsukune Aono’s life, including how he copes at school and his habit of getting into difficult situations.

A well-known manga of the same name inspired this animation. Akihisa Ikeda, a gifted writer, wrote it. The Manga made its debut in 2007, and it released its last edition in 2014. This anime, like the Manga, was a fan favorite, and we got to witness it for two seasons. But, the question arises, what about the third installment, though? Let’s look at it more.

Updates On Release Date

Rosario Vampire was a fantastic, romantic anime. Fans liked the first two installments and are eager for more, but the key question is whether they will get a new season. Is the show still on the air, or have they canceled it? The anime contains 25 episodes and presents a fascinating story. However, much to the dismay of fans, the anime is unlikely to return.

It’s been more than a decade since we last saw this anime which was in 2008. The studio would have released a new season by now if they wanted to. Fans were waiting for an announcement, but there was none. Its chances of renewal are dwindling as the years’ pass.

The show was well-received, with a high IMDB rating. It appears that there are other causes for the season’s cancellation. But let’s look at a few of them. The first argument is that, despite the show’s high ratings, it may not achieve the production house’s expectations.

They weren’t making as much money as they wanted. They’ve also given up on producing the next season. To begin with, any production house typically renews anime every five years, since a decade has been passed, renewal is unlikely.



Even if there is no news about the third season, let us review the first two seasons’ plotlines. The show revolves around the students at a weird school called Youkai Academy. It appears to be a typical boarding school, but the truth is quite different.

It is a school where the students are vampires, studying how to coexist with humans. They attend school and learn about people and their subjects, but they permit no humans on campus.

Tsukune Aono is a young kid who received poor grades, therefore his parents enrolled him at this high school without realizing what was going on. Tsukune wants to leave once he discovers it is a monster’s school. However, something unexpected occurs.

He meets the most beautiful girl and falls in love with her. Tsukune opted to continue in that school despite the hazards it entailed because Moka is so attractive. He is unaware, however, that Moka is also a vampire. Tsukune now learns that there is a rule for execution if there is any human on campus. He now needs to conceal his true identity and convince everyone that he, too, is a vampire.

This part of the story is where the good times begin. The struggle of Tsukune to hide his identity and make others believe he is a vampire is quite fun to watch. Tsukune must now acclimate to his alternative lifestyle. However, he gets a lot of popularity, and some girls fall in love with him. A witch and a spirit are also smitten with him and want him to themselves.

When Moka’s half-sister enrolls in Youkai Academy, the tale takes an interesting turn. It is a lighthearted but intriguing anime. If there will ever be a third season, it will take off from where the first season was left. It will be interesting to see what Moka’s sister adds to their equation.

The Cast


There is no information on the third season, but we know that the main cast will return if the show continues. But, there is no guarantee as a long time has passed. The star cast has portrayed their will to relieve these characters again. The Manga has already been published, and the writers have concluded the story of Tsukune and his adventures. Therefore, there is enough source material. Also, we may get some new members in the third season.

The animation was first released in Japanese; it was also dubbed in English. Tsukune Aono was voiced by Daisuke Kishio, with Todd Haberkorn providing the English dubbing. Nana Mizuki and Alexis Tipton dubbed Moka’s wonderful voice in Japanese and English, respectively. Mizore Shirayuki was voiced by Rie Kugimiya and Tia Ballard.

The Streaming Platform

Netflix and Hulu have the first two seasons accessible for streaming. So, binge-watch the season and immerse yourself in the world of vampires and high school drama. Also, there are other sites like 9anime, where you can enjoy this series.

Final Thoughts

The conclusion is there are no recent developments in Rosario Vampire season three. And since it has been a decade, there is no way the season will rebound. However, the Manga will be rebooted by a studio. If this is the case, it will be fantastic news for the fans. However, the studio has not canceled it, anything can happen. Maybe they changed their mind, or maybe not.

Meanwhile, you may always read the Manga to find out what happens in the plot.