Devils Line Season 2: Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELED!

One cannot deny the popularity of stories. They have the power to engage the audience. These fictitious characters allow individuals to escape from the real world. We are talking about the famous anime Devil’s Line, a manga-based television drama. They set this anime in a mythical world, and in this scenario, the vampires are evil or devils.

In Devil’s Line, you meet Tsukasa Taira, a vibrant student. One day she was heading out, and an evil vampire attacked her. She was trying to save her life, then came a hero who saved her from the vampire attack. That hero is Yuuki Anzai, who is a brave detective. Anzai himself is a half-vampire. Since vampires are considered devils, he keeps his identity hidden.

There is a Manga and this anime has taken inspiration from it. The manga was a tremendous success, and it released its last edition in 2018. It came out in 2013 and ran for five years. Ryo Hanada is a Manga writer.

Updates On The Second Season

Fans are awaiting the announcement of its release. We get to see the first season in 2018. After the release, there was some news that the second season will be released, since then there is utter silence. The series’ twelve episodes depicted the love story of a human and vampire. It was released in Japan, and also on Hulu. The first season is also available on Netflix. Since then, there has been no word about his release or a release date. Fans are eager to learn more about Anzai and Tsukasa’s love story.

But, the studio has also not canceled it, so that is some hope for the fans.

However, it seems likely that there will be a second season. The Manga was a tremendous hit, but Devil’s lines could not match that popularity. That is why the production house has given no news. The primary purpose of any production unit is to get profits, and since they could not do that with Devils line season one, so there is an apprehension about season two.

The Plotline


The story will pick up where the first season leaves off. In the end, we saw that even though Anzai loves Tsukasa, he cannot be with her. Our protagonist, Anzai, attempts to conceal his identity. Since he is a vampire, he has urges to drink human blood. So he can’t be near Anzai because he might hurt her, yet he still loves her; that is the struggle he is facing. Also, being a detective he is around a lot of dead bodies, and the anime depicts beautifully his struggles.

So, to ensure her safety of Tsukasa, he parted ways with her. But it’s a challenge for both of them.

Now, since there is no second season yet, the story is also not known. But there is the Manga, which already has told the entire story. So, giving no spoilers, let us look at the potential plot of the second season. The hero, Anzai, is not in the police force anymore, and now he has to face some skeletons from his past. He encounters the vampire that attacked Tsukasa. Since Anzai is a half-vampire, he has to find out his true lineage, and how he became what he is. Also, season two will have the greatest revelation that it is not blood that attracts Anzai. Then what is it? Well, that is the question! Despite all that is going on in his life, he will never forget Tsukasa.

The Cast

We can only guess who will be in the cast, but many of them will return. The second has yet to be announced. We can only guess who will be in the cast. However, if a second season is developed, most of the original cast members are likely to return to reprise their roles. However, as the story progresses in the Manga, other characters are introduced. As a result, we may expect the addition of new members. This will add a twist to the story.

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka plays the popular character Yuuki Anzai. He is a famous sound artist in Japan; his work in the anime Sword Art Online is well known. Yui Ishikawa voiced Tsukasa Taira, the second main character. She is well-known in the anime community and has won many awards. Ryohei, who plays Hans Lee, Yoshimana, who plays Takashi, and more talented stars are among the voice actors. There are also English equivalents. The anime is also available in English dub.

Adam Gibbs, a voice actor who provides voices for English adaptations of Japanese anime programs, plays Yuuki Anzai. Tsukasas Taira is voiced by Luci Christian. The series features a large ensemble cast, and all of them have done a fantastic job. The cast members want to return and complete the story.

The Streaming Platform


The first season is available on the streaming platform Netflix and Hulu. You need to have a premium Netflix account to watch the entire season. However, you can also get a free trial of both platforms and watch your favorite shows free for one month. So, it is time to binge-watch the season and enter the world of vampires.

Final Thoughts

The concept of a vampire in love with a human was a blockbuster, but fans wonder if they get to see it again. Some are hopeful, though, because if there is no news of a release, there is no news of a cancellation. Fans of the anime can only hope for the best, and we’ll have to wait and watch how Anzai and Tsukasa’s story unfolds. Will they be able to be together? Will they stay together, or will they go their ways?

Any devoted viewer does not want their favorite show to end. But, if you can’t wait any longer, you have another alternative too; you can always read the Manga to know the story of your favorite characters. It is a good read that will blow your minds!