How To Clean And Maintain Your Wax Pen

Owning a vape pen will put you at a stage where you need to clean and maintain it periodically and regularly. The wax pen is located in the middle of a vape and the ring for dabbing. Everything that you use needs proper cleaning and maintenance so why not a wax pen? It is all the more important because it ensures proper intake of the product.

But, what if you hear that cleaning and maintenance is a tedious job? Is it true?

It is nothing less than a rumor if someone tells you that the cleaning process is long and pretty complicated. Nothing of this is accurate, and the process is easy. People who don’t know about it think of it as a great deal, but once you get through the steps and process, it will feel like a cakewalk. However, if you have a dry herb vaporizer, the cleaning will take time, and the process is more complex. Also, E-rigs are easier to clean as they offer wax compatibility.

Coming back to the need to maintain wax pens, there is nothing that you need to worry about, as there are no complexities as such.

This guide will help you do the cleaning process quick and hassle-free. Also, you can try different ways of cleaning.

Let’s discuss the ingredients needed:

  • A 99 percent ISO Isopropyl alcohol
  • Cleaning sticks and wipes
  • Hot water but not beyond a specific temperature
  • Different sizes of containers and paper towels

It is important to note that there are different concentration levels of isopropyl alcohol; hence, 99 percent ISO is a must. However, some people use 91%, and that’s fine if it suits you.

Guide To Clean A Wax Pen


The first thing to know is that your wax pen should be from a reliable source like Acquire the materials discussed above; after that, you should know the parts that need to be cleaned. Hence, gather proper advice and then begin the process. You can separate the wax pen into different pieces, and then you should bifurcate the ones that can be cleaned with and without alcohol. Some safe materials that can be cleaned with ISO are as follows:

  • Glass equipment and stainless steel products
  • Titanium and ceramic materials
  • Quartz products

However, it would help if you always studied the instruction book with the pen or searched the website from where you buy the pens.

When you use alcohol, you can use the dab tool. It will help you scrap out the deposits from the wax pen. No matter how large the material is deposited or the corner it is located, it is easy to take it out.

The coil cleaning process should be done with utmost carefulness. So, try not to touch it as it has a thin surface and texture. Hence, it makes it tender and can break if significant force is applied to it.

Next, you should use a cue tip. If it is unavailable, you can use a stick. You should soak it in alcohol to help collect the buildup if any of it is left. Opt for a weekly cleaning process if you want to avoid a more alarming buildup that will hamper the functioning of the wax pen. Here is a pro tip for you.

However, if you want to wait for some days and do a complete cleaning, don’t forget to focus on the small and complex corners where the buildup keeps settling now and then. If it sticks, don’t worry; try turning to wipes. They will clean efficiently once they are sparked in ethanol. Try and get your hands on a bigger size rather than the normal one so that a single use of it can help clean more residue. You can cover your hand with the wipe and move it in all directions for proper cleanup.

The cleaning process is incomplete until you clean the coils. If you think the cleaning process is complete and you are good to go, you might miss out on some essential steps. Not doing those steps will hamper the productivity and efficiency of the wax pen.


For this step, you need to turn to the use of containers. Containers help put any of the available components. However, you should ensure they are safe to be used with alcohol when input into the container. Also, when you keep the alcohol inside the container, you should secure it with the ISO. Don’t forget your coils while doing this.

Don’t do anything in a hurry. Let the coils soak for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. You can let them soak for one hour if you have more time. You will be surprised that many people do the cleaning and soak it overnight.

You might be thinking that what benefit will the coils experience post soaking?

After the soaking process concludes, you will notice a good change in the coils. They will look excellent and will be way cleaner than before. But how do you know the degree of dirt on the wax pen?

Here’s how.

The alcohol inside the container will undergo a color change. The buildup is way too much if it begins emitting an unpleasant smell followed by a color change. If the color turns brownish-yellow, you will be surprised to know the pen’s enormous buildup. If you see that any amount of residue is left, you can use a cleaner for the same. No matter how much residue is left, don’t fall for touching the coils directly.

You should know some facts about the coils that are as follows:

  • Coils belong to different varieties, and hence, the approach for each of them should be different.
  • Some famous are the Triple Titanium coils and Kanthal coils. The latter initiates an easy cleaning. The only thing that will help in its cleaning is using alcohol or a purifying solution. However, the former can be cleaned using a cleaner or broad wipes.
  • You should check the coil and opt for the associated cleaning process.

Don’t Forget To Wash And Dry It


The cleaning steps are complete, but proper cleaning still stands a chance. Rinse the whole thing with water and then keep it in the open or under the sun to help it dry on its own. Once you are through with air drying, you should return all the things to their original place.


That’s the end of the overall process. You can use a fresh coil and enjoy the wax pen.

Happy cleaning!